The Atlanta Grit Brand Identity

Atlanta has a long history of daring to dream. Revolutionaries have rolled up their sleeves and fought with sweat, tears, blood—with drive, guts, passion, tenacity, commitment, determination, courage. With GRIT. The brand identity for the Atlanta Grit is built around this history.

Pro sports depend on fan attendance. Women’s sports don’t typically draw huge crowds so a brand identity for a women’s pro team needed to have a message of inclusion, accessibility and feminism, as well as one of strength, power and athleticism in order to attract a wide fan base.

These images are part of a booklet submitted to the marketing department of the 2009 Atlanta Women’s Pro Soccer franchise as a proposed identity for the new team brand. The tagline, “Not tomboys, athletes” sends the message that this is to be a pro team at its best, a team for which women, men and children will want to be ambassadors.