Holly Spence Fisher

HEY THERE! I’m Holly. Holly Spence Fisher. My grandmother, Jane Spence, had her creative hands in just about everything, and was a master at it all. Like her, my interests and talents are broad but there isn’t much I do half-way. I’m a New England native who spent 7 years in print and production design before heading to Atlanta for a formal design education at Portfolio Center, where I discovered a crazy, impassioned love for all things typographic, and gained a reputation for expertly wielding an Exacto knife (true story). I’m so much more than a graphic designer, so I founded Spence Creative in 2009 to encompass all things right-brained (with a highly practical and punctual dose of left).

I’m currently available for short and long-term freelance projects for print. I’m most excited to take on projects in publication and book design, typography and illustrated type, and children’s book illustration, but even if your project isn’t one of those things, don’t hesitate to reach out. In addition, I’m always game to work as part of a team and I welcome inquiries for collaborative work.

Send an email, give me a call or drop me a note here, I’d love to know what you’re up to!



    From logos to layouts, publications to point-of-purchase, I’m available to meet your graphic design needs on a short term or Until the End of Time basis. My clients become my people and my people get first rate service delivered in a timely package.


    Incorporated into your digital layout or customized to complement your existing editorial, my illustration work seeks first to communicate, second to delight. I’m currently seeking projects that combine custom illustration and book design, and illustrations for children’s publications.

    & Lettering

    My calligraphy styles tend toward the organic, but even if you’re looking for wedding invitations and envelopes addressed in a Copperplate hand, I’ve got you covered. I use a variety of tools to create beautiful letterforms—if you need something specific, let’s talk!


    Type is my passion. Drawing it makes me insanely happy. Need something hand lettered? Sign me up.